60 Minute Massage         $85                                                                                                              Package of 5    $400
90 Minute Massage         $125                                                                                                            Package of 5    $600
Qi Gong Therapy              $85                                                                                                              Package of 5    $400
Hot Bamboo (60min)      $95                                                                                                                      (90min)      $135
Reflexology (30min)        $65                                                                                                                     (90min)       $85

Ahh... This chair feels amazing!     CHAIR MASSAGE PACKAGES!!                                                                                                                                                              *Company relaxation sessions! Treat your employees to a 10-15min chair massage and watch their productivity and creativity expand. This is an excellent way to treat your staff. Avail for luncheons and events. CLICK HERE!
*Massage Party! WHAT? You bet! What a elegant way to treat your friends, co-workers and family. Taking care of one another instead of purchasing gifts is not just thoughtful- but its smart! CLICK HERE!

Extras! Enhance and extend the benefits of your treatments with:

Aromatherapy     Additional $10    
Auriculotherapy- Natural acupressure of the ear with Ear Seeds                                                                                                                                                                            GIFT CERTIFICATES are available HERE!                                                                        Perfect ANYTIME or holiday gift idea- smart choice! CLICK HERE!